PA Regulations & Laws

Virginia PA Regulations

Emergency Regulations Governing the Practice of PAs (10-1-19)

Regulations Governing the Practice of PAs (3-5-20)

Relevant Sections of the Code of Virginia Pertaining to PAs and PA Practice

§ 54.1-2949      License required

§ 54.1-2950      Requisite training and educational achievements of assistants

§ 54.1-2950.1   Advisory Board on Physician Assistants; membership; qualifications

§ 54.1-2951.1   Requirements for licensure as a physician assistant

§ 54.1-2951.2   Issuance of a license

§ 54.1-2951.3   Restricted volunteer license for certain physician assistants

§ 54.1-2952      Supervision of assistants by licensed physician, or podiatrist; services that may be performed by assistants; responsibility of licensee; employment of assistants

§ 54.1-2952.1   Prescription of certain controlled substances and devices by licensed physician assistants

§ 54.1-2952.2   When physician assistant signature accepted

§ 54.1-2953      Renewal, revocation, suspension, and refusal