You have to go out when called to help people with medical problems. You need to put the ‘patient’ in the wheelchair and wrap up their arm in a splint AFTER you decide what body part was hurt!

Paramedic Driver

You have to go out when called to help people with medical problems. You need to put the ‘patient’ in the wheelchair while your partner wraps up the arm in a splint AFTER you both have decided what body part was hurt! You then need to roll the wheelchair (ambulance…use sounds!!) to the Emergency room.

Emergency Room Registration

You have to fill out the insurance and next of kin information on the ‘patient’ in case someone needs to be contacted. Since the ‘patient’ will need to be picked up after their surgery, you need to call their parent.

ER Doctor

You have to examine the ‘patient’. Next you will order X-rays of their wrist. It is important to order wrist and elbow films because sometimes fractures (broken bones) can hide! When the X-rays come back from the X-ray tech, you will have to call the orthopedic surgeon on the phone. X-Ray Tech You will get a call from the ER doctor asking you to take a ‘film’ of the ’patient.’ By film, he really means an X-ray and not a real photo! You will need to develop the film in the dark room and bring the film (but NOT the patient) to the ER doctor. You will be called on again AFTER the cast is ‘taken off’ to take another film and see if the arm is healed. You will say yes, it is healed!


You need to draw blood to make sure the ‘patient’ can have anesthesia for surgery. You will need to put the tourniquet (long, blue tie) around the arm (NOT the broken one) and pretend to collect blood in the blood tubes. They fit inside the clear holder (vacutainer).

Orthopedic Surgeon

You will need to explain to the ‘patient’ what you are going to do and get permission. You are going to have the patient put to sleep and then you and the rest of the OR team will ‘reduce’ (this means to push on the broken arm until it snaps back into place) the fracture. Then your PA will put a cast on the patient while you hold the hand up for casting.

Physician Assistant

Your job is to help in surgery. You will need to help the scrub nurse put on the sterile drape, take off the splint and help in surgery. After the fracture is ‘reduced’ (pushed on really hard which snaps the broken bone back into place), you will need to put on the cast. I will help you with that.

Circulating Nurse

You will help get all the equipment ready for the OR. You are the one who can run in and out of the room because you are not ‘sterile.’ After surgery, you will need to call the recovery room to tell them that the ‘patient’ is on the way.

Nurse Anesthetist

You are actually the one who does all the work while the Anesthesiologist gets all the glory (and the money). You will need to hang the bag up (any way you can, including holding it up in the air) and then tape the other end to the patient, you will have to put fake stuff (air is fine) in the syringes and inject it into the tubes. This will make the ‘patient’ fall asleep. Anesthesiologist You are the doctor who is charge of making sure the ‘patient’ goes to sleep but more importantly, THAT THE PATIENT WAKES UP!! You will need to hold the mask on the ‘patient’ while the nurse gives medications. After the nurse anesthetist gives the ‘patient’ the medications, you will listen to the lungs with your stethoscope to make sure they are breathing. If they are NOT breathing you would call ‘CODE BLUE’ but this will not happen today!!

Scrub Tech

You are in charge of all the sterile things in the OR. The surgeon may think he is in charge but a smart surgeon and PA KNOWS that the scrub nurse will make or break a surgery! Your job is to make sure that all the correct instruments are present, you will need to drape the ‘patient’ with the PA and then you will open and hand the casting materials (cotton and plaster) to the PA to cast. The PA will also need water.

Recovery Room Nurse

You are in charge of making sure the patient wakes up and is not in pain. You will put the oxygen cannula on the ‘patient’ and wake them up by GENTLY tapping them on the arm and/or foot.

Medical Housekeeping

You are in charge of making sure everything is picked up and cleaned up. You have a REALLY important job in the OR since infections are what kill the patients. You need to make sure everything is clean and sterile. You also take all of the drapes and the plaster supplies out.


In order to heal a broken bone, it is important to get good nutrition. You will come up to the ‘patient’ calculate the ‘sensible’ loss (this is the evaporation off the patient including fluid and electrolytes) and then calculate size of arm (we do this in metric meters) and then put all the numbers into the calculator and announce that the ‘patient’ needs extra calcium and give him/her a glass of milk!

Ortho Tech

You are in charge of taking off the cast with a ‘saw.’ Since you do not really have a saw, you will have to make saw sounds and pretend to cut off the cast. We will actually leave the cast on all day. After you “take off” the cast, you will call the X-ray tech to take an X-ray to see if it was healed.

Physical Therapist

Now that the fracture has healed and the cast is off, the ‘patient’ must move his arm. You need to push and pull on his arm and encourage him/her to move it. If the ‘patient’ does not move it on his/her own, you need to push while saying encouraging things like: ”You can do this or No it doesn’t really hurt!!” Be careful not to re-break the arm!


You are very important after surgery. You will help with the healing and movement after a fracture. Since the school district is very strict about medications, your bottle actually only has Tic-Tacs in it. You need to give the bottle to the ‘patient’ and tell your ‘patient’ to take one when they have pain.