Questions and Answers About Prescriptive Privileges in Virginia
and Obtaining DEA Number


Q) I do not have a DEA registration number. What form do I need in order to register for a DEA number for controlled substances?

A) Application for Registration Under Controlled Substance Act of 1970 (Form DEA-224). New applicants only. Not for renewal of registration. The application fee amount is $731. Application fees are not refundable. Go to Form DEA-224

Warning: you must have approved prescriptive privileges from the Virginia Board of Medicine before you can prescribe any medication. You will also need a letter from the Board of Medicine to send to the DEA with your application.


Q) I have a DEA number and can prescribe Schedule III, IV & V controlled substances. How do I change that to be able to prescribe Schedule II controlled substances?

A) 1. After July 1, 2007, download the Request for Prescriptive Authority Form (As of June 2007, they have added a check box for Schedule II) The list of schools with accepted pre-reported pharmacology requirements.

2. Complete and send the form to the Board of Medicine. The Board of Medicine will send you confirmation that you are approved to prescribe up to Schedule II medications, along with a letter that you will need to send to the DEA with the Schedule Change Request form (see #3 below). Warning: do not prescribe Schedule II until you have approval from the Virginia Board of Medicine and the DEA.

3. Schedule Change Request must now be done On-Line at the DEA Web site. There is no charge for this process from the DEA.


Q) I have moved to Virginia from another state and have my DEA number which allows me to prescribe Schedule II controlled substances. Is it okay to prescribe Schedule II and III substances now?

A) As of August 1, 2007- the DEA has not yet begun issuing DEA certificates for Schedule II drugs to PAs in Virginia. The legal staff at the DEA still needs to review the new laws and sign off on them. If your new protocol and request for prescription privileges on file with the Board of Medicine includes Schedule II drugs, You will still need to register your change of address with the DEA and should wait for a confirmation from them before you write schedule II scripts.